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into virtual environment.

We create value to your business in our centre of excellencies in India, sri lanka and in Australia.


Centre of excellencies

In today's competitive environment, focus is to concentrate on core specialization and core-competency areas and outsource the rest of the activities. Many companies and organizations have come to realize that by outsourcing non-core activities, not only cost is minimized and efficiencies improved but the total business improves because the focus shifts to the key growth areas of the business activity. We specialised in carefully selected young talent graduates train them to execute all value creation in each industry sector at an attractive significantly less economic cost. 


Services we offer to

Construction industry

  • Virtual administrative assistant
  • Virtual book keeping and accounting
  • 2D drafting; 3 D drafting, civil engineering computation and shop drawings
  • Quantity surveying in construction industries
  • Estimating / quoting/ tender submission
  • Due diligent study/ acquisition of development sites

Virtual Project management using iCloud base software and drone technology using high definition camera

Business challenges

we can help you solve

Market Analysis
Competition Analysis
Data Collection
Opinion Polls
SMS Service

Our market research services

extend to following segments


Financial Sectors


Product manufacturing Industry


Virtual caring service to retirement and independent living


Virtual personal assistant to carry out all house hold related services ,  virtual patientcare, child care, elderly care

Online administration and client services to

schools, colleges, universities .

  • Alumni – past student’s management system
  • On line Course delivery E2 Language
  • Programs on Teaching English on line
  • Programs on Teaching mathematics
  • Programs on Teaching Humanistic values
  • Programs on Young entrepreneurship
  • Programs to post graduate employment ready local
  • Programs on pursue overseas career

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